Saturday, October 15, 2016               10 am sharp (Doors open at 8:30 am)

Fraternal Order of Eagles  5103 11th Street (R.I. side of Milan/R.I. bridge) Rock Island, IL 61201


A very large custom costume making company liquidates it final inventory at one of the most fun auctions we’ve conducted. Literally 100s of custom-made costumes PLUS masks & tons of fun accessories such as wands, hats, shoes, clutches & purses, headpieces, feathers, boas, wigs, etc. Come & join the fun in two very full rooms. Bar available.


COSTUMES: Mouse, Doodle bug, piece candy, bumblebee, king bee, worm bug, spider w/ wig, butterfly, turtle w/ umbrella, grass gopher, purple crayon, white rabbits, bunnies, jack-in-the-box, Sylvester, Tweety, dog, cat, gorillas, Indians & maidens, show girls, prairie dresses, gunny sack dress, square dancing outfits, leather skirts, western shirts, tweed jackets, leather coats, wester vest, chaps, shirts, cowboy suits, saloon dresses, cavemen, dinosaurs, witch dress, scary gowns, witches, zombies, bat, Dracula, wizards, toy soldier, Winnie-the-Pooh, Piglet, kangaroo, Egor, owl, skunk, Little Miss Muffet, Alice, Cheshire cat, card, Mr. Peanut, Batman, Robin, Joker, Orphan Annie dresses, Hee-Haw girl, Raggedy Andy &  Annie, Cat Woman, pajamas, Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio, The Beast, Mickey & Minnie, 3 Little Pigs, scare crow, Dorothy, barber shop jacket, swim suits, riding jacket, Beefeaters, Napoleon jacket, Abe Lincoln, French maid, 1920s hats, 50s blouses & sweaters, 50s poodle skirts, 50s cheerleading outfits, 50s skirts & tops, football jerseys, referees, tennis players, old time golfer, 60s & 70s dresses, nurse, doctors, priest, nuns, Pope, monks, angel, several Arabian costumes, genie, belly dancers, cleo, bull fighter, Caesar, China man gown, Harem lady, Iceman, Ice Fairy, Joseph, princess, Oriental robe, Queen Amadilla, madams, Valentino, Victorian wedding dress, white fur robe, queens, Spanish lady, princesses, sequined jackets, Gangsters, long formals, strapless dresses, mini dresses, Southern Belle, formal jackets, Blues Brothers jacket, flapper, tuxedos, 1920s-1970s clothing, rainbow  sexy bunny, Renaissance sets, sexy cat, sexy dress, sexy fireman, sexy French maid, sex fufu, sexy lioness, sexy nurse, sexy police, sexy Russian, sexy saloon girl, sexy short skirt nurse, sexy Valentine, sequin mini dress, Space Lady pants, Tiger cat lady, Tina Turnerr w/ wig, Velvet Queen, Water Lily fairy, Valentine bunny, fairies & nymphs, African king & queens, Bird Lady & Man, Playboy Bunny, Jungle Princess, Maid Marion, Plum Queen, Pansy fairy, Woodland fairy, many, many more.


LARGE HEADS: Male & female rabbit heads, ninja turtle, pap & mama & baby bear, frog, count Dracula, Bert & Ernie, Oscar, Cookie Monster, reindeer, soldier,


ACCESSORIES: Cowboy hats, hillbilly hats, sombreros, feathered headdress, braids, cowboy boots, dusters, cowboy shoes, ponchos, moccasins, jean jackets, bibs, Viking plastic hat, Viking fur hat/antlers, caveman boots, gypsy  items, fur cape, workboots, shoes, roller skates, 50s shoes, scarves, Minnie Mouse jeans, 3 trunks of wigs, box of masks, spears, grass hut, crates of hats, makeup, noses & miscellaneous face parts, tails, spats, shoe covers, ties & scarves, horns, ears, glasses, handcuffs, socks, belts, rag doll socks, gloves, Santa whites, skin heads, mask-making equipment, face paints, swords, St. Patrick’s accessories, 4th of July accessories, Medieval accessories, Styrofoam & hard piece mannequins (full body to head/shoulders, clubs, bats, wood walking sticks & canes.


HEADPIECES & MASKS: Large feather masks, more than 13 large fancy headpieces, masks include Mardi Gras, lion, bird, flamingo, moth, ogre, burned face, scary face, rust mask.


COMMERCIAL  DISPLAYS: LOTS of racking & display racks include: stainless steel plated bar displays, circular clothing displays, racks, brass hat racks & clothing displays, dozens of various displays, wall mirror, plastic coated mesh display panels, shelving units.


Walnut Creek Auction Company, LLC

“The Business Auctioneers”

Photos and inventory at or

Becky Aeschliman, President                  David Aeschliman, Auctioneer


DIRECTIONS TO AUCTION:. Take 11th Street in Rock Island to above address or from Milan, take Milan/Rock Island bridge to 11th Street (go past Big Island). FOE is on immediate right after crossing bridge. Parking on both sides of FOE.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF AUCTION: Auction company takes cash & authorized checks. No credit cards. All items must be paid for on auction day and prior to removal.