Nov. 21 & 22, 2015 (Doors open at 8 am. Auction starts both days at 10 am)

Walnut Creek Auction Headquarters 334 2nd Avenue West, Milan, IL 61264

We’re proud to bring one of the largest single estate lapidary auctions this country has seen to the auction block. More than three tons of million-year old stones, international origins & extraordinarily rare pieces as well as a large selection of stones, fossils, minerals, petrifieds and many pieces of stone working equipment. Also a very large lineup of jewelry making pieces & books. We expect a very large multi-state attendance. Call or e-mail auction company by Nov. 13 for motel discounts, inc. casinos.


Day 1 will feature 3 tons of rocks, minerals, stones. Day 2 will feature 1,000s of jewelry materials & supplies, lapidary working tools, displays, etc. and fossils/petrifieds. Do NOT miss the million-year old fossils. 

(P= packaged) Parentheses shows state or country origin. Listings are in alpha order under subheads. There are generally far more than one of each listing.



SPECIAL: 1979 Victoria Stone (man-made in Japan). Caprock imported rough boules & sliced it in U.S. No longer made or available except here.  Came in 15 colors.

AGATES: African Swaziland, Aguila, Banded, Bedortha (OR), Beach (OR), Blue Lace (Africa), Brazilian (P), Brazilian naked, Carnelian (Rio de Plata, OR) (P), Clay Canyon (UT), Clear (AZ), Cold Water, Coral (P), Crazy Lace (Mexico), Fire (AZ), Green Moss (OR), India Moss, Keegan Tube, Montana, Moss (Mexico), Lace, Laguna purple nodule (Mexico), Lake Superior jumbos polished, Lead & zinc pyrite, lots of very large agates, Luna, Mexican crazy lace, Montana, nodules (Brazil), Peanut, Petrified agates, Pink Plume (OR), Plume, polished agate sticks, sliced agate, Sow Belly, Sweetwater (WY), Territella, White (SD & Mexico), Wyoming, agates marked for 10 x 12 & 30 x 40 cabochones,

ROCKS, STONES, MINERALS (Many samples of most) AB 18 x 13, 8 x 10 P, Amazonite (Brazil), Amethysts, Amethysts roughs, Apache tears in perlite matrix, Aragonite (Mexico), Aragonite & smithsonite turkey fat (Mexico), Argentite (Peru), Asbestos raw (WI), Aurichalcite copper ore (AZ), Aquamarines, Aventurine blues & greens (P), Azurite blue (AZ), Barhite collection, Barhite “glass tiff” (MO), Barhite nodules (OK), Barhite red lake (OK), Barhite roses (OK), Boron, Cacoxenite in quartz w/ yellow crystals (Brazil), Calcite apache (Mexico), Calcite w/ millerite (IN), Calcite nail head (MO), Calcite orange (Canada), Calcite phantom type dog tooth (Mexico & MO), Calcite/pyrite (OK), Carnelian (Brazil), Chalcanthite & pyrite (AZ), Chalcedony, Chalcedony w/ fire agate (AZ), Chalicdony black (WY), Chrysocola green(AZ), Cinnibar (AR), Chrysocolia & terrorite (AZ), Chrysocolia & quartz (AZ), Chrysoprase (Australia), Chrysotite asbestos (CA), Conchos, Copper native & pure (MI & AZ), Copper-99.8% pure (Blue Bird Mine, AZ), Copper ore (MI), Copper ore chalcanthite & covelite w/ chrysocolia (AZ), Coral agatized (FL), Coral geode, Corundamin mica schist (MT), Crinoids (AR, IA), Datolite (MI), Diabase porphyry (MO), Dolomite, Domokite (MI), Extrusive rocks of volcanoes, Feldspar microline, Flourite (CO), Flourite w/ quartz & calcite (IL), Galena metal ore, Galena sphalerite silver & chaleopyrite (CO), Galena w/ silver & some sphalerite & pyrite (CO), Garnet topaz in rhyolite (CO), Geodes: dozens of split tops/bottoms (IL), Geodes: dozens of very large (Mexico), Glass slag (large yellow), Goldstone, blue & regular manmade by Italian monks, Granite rib vein, Gypsum-ground (N. Mexico), Gypsum orange pencil (MI), Hematite (MO), Hematite micaceous & specular (MI), Hemimorphite (Mexico), Hornstone nodules (AR), Howlite (CA), Hydrotalcite in yellow serpentine (Norway), Jade (WY, British Columbia), Jasper (MT), Jasper orbicular (CA), Jasper picture (OR), Jasper brecciated, Jasper leopard skin, Jasper palomino picture, Jasper rainforest, Jasper red (P) all of (OR), Kaolin (AR), Labradorite, Lead Cubes, Limestone w/ worm trails, Lodestone (UT), Low grade silver (OR), Malachite, Metal ore, Mica (NC), Molybdenite & pyrite (AZ), Montana Wood, Mozarlite (MO), Muzarkite (MO), Novacolite (AR), Novacolite on black jade, Obsidians inc. banded, black, gold sheen, gray silver sheen, green, moonstone (P), rainbow, red (OR), snowflake obsidian(P), stripes (OR), Onyx cave, Onyx silver sheen (CA), Orange Wulfenite (Mexico), Peridots, Petosky stone, Picrolite (MI), Pyrite fool’s gold, Rhodenite (MT, Australia, NJ), Rhodochrostle (Argentina), Rosasite (Mexico), Rose & Queen Jewel Tones, Seashells, Selenite (OK), Selenite cluster (TX), Selenite fishtail, Septerian nodules, Serpintine (WY), Silver Flesh Schist (WY), Silver/Lead/Zinc pyrite ore (CO), Smithsonite (Mexico), Smithstone (NM), Sodalite (S. Africa), Sphalerite (Mexico), Sphalerite blackjack (OK), Staurolite (VA), Steel balls from ball mill @ Magna Copper Co. (AZ), Sulphur (Mexico), Thundereggs (OR), Tiger Eyes-blue, gold, gold mix (Africa), Tourmaline blacks & blues & in quartz (Mexico & Brazil), Turquoise & nuggets (AZ), Ulexite (CA), Unikite (NC), Quartz crystals w/ deposits, Quartz & garnet (Mexico), Quartz red mica, Quartz rock crystal (Brazil), Quartz rose, Quartz rutilated, Quartz secret quarry, Volcanic amagduleson basalt w/ zeolite (OR), Wavelite, Willemite (NJ), Witherite (IL), Zircon crystals (Malawi), Wulfenite (Mexico), Zebra stone (WI), plus dozens of small rock specimens & beautifully polished rock multi-color mixes.



PETRIFIED & FOSSILS Algae petrified-turritella & volite (WY), Ammonite (AR), coral, Balanus barnacle fossil (FL), Belemnoid (50 million years extinction), Brachiopods, Cave Onyx stalagtite, Cephalopods (AR), Cephalopods (400 million years extinction), coral fossil agatized (FL), crinoids, Eden Valley petrified wood (WY), fern fossils (IL), fish fossils, fossils in matrix, leaf fossils (AR), Haystack jasper, horn coral (OK), IA & IL fossils, Marcasite snail (IL), micraster sea biscuit fossil, mold of cephalopod (IL), pelecypods & brachiopods (IA), polished petrified wood, petrified wood (LA, TX, OR), petrified palm wood (LA), petrified wood (Sahara Desert, TX, OR, WY, AZ), seashell fossils, shell & coral fossil, snail fossils. JEWELRY MATERIALS Jewelry braiding, bead boards, lots of jewelry making books, dozens of cabochons, apprx. 2,500 NEW plastic display boxes, asst’d plastic craft beads, double lens watch eye loupe, old cigar boxes, 10-drawer storage box, glass alcohol lamps, bench pin & holder, liquid acidulant, metal jewelry mounts (apprx. 1,000s), OptiLoupe, small pen lights, crystaltube, gold jewelry polishing cloths, rawhide hammers, mini vises, multi-gold K testing kits, 9” tripod stands, plastic 18-compartment display cases full & labeled, point-of-sale pieces, gold-filled & sterling ring mounts,  ring samplers & sizers (100s), rock display sets, steel jewelry stands (3rd hands) w/ tweezers, wood & glass mini-displays. POLISHED JEWELRY PIECES A few pcs. of finished jewelry, penchants, lobster clasps, ring mounts, bracelets, rings, pins, clip-ons, belt buckles, 1,000s of polished & tumbled finished jewelry stones of nearly every listing here. Apache tears, Brazilian agates, Citrine cullet select, Goldstone, Goldstone blue, Goldstone blue select, Hematite, Jade, Marchasite (MI), Sage (petrified-WY), Sapphire blue, Turquoise, wood barrel beads, dozens of cigar boxes full of polished stones. Many jewelry books.   LAPIDARY EQUIPMENT& SUPPLIES Anvils, bench file block & clamp, bench file blocks & pins, bench pin & holder, bobbing & buffing compound, buffer wheels & stones, Censpan drums, ceramic pellets, chisels, clamps, Craytex wheels, dual-head buffer/polisher, elec. 2-wheel polisher, floating tumble pellets, 8” sanding discs, Lorotone expandable drum, Lorotone rotary tumblers, Lusterlite gem polish, magnesiam block, magnifiers, Meteor 8” diamond cutting blades, Mini-Sonic electronic gem processor, Optivisors, Perfect ™ glass mortar & pestle, polishing pads – Muslin, polishing powders for non-ferrous metals, 50,000 poly bags, portable drafting table lights, pre polish, ring solder stand, rock measuring cups, rouge powder – red, rubber lapidary drum by Lortone, sanding bands, scale (300 lb.), shining compound, silver cleaner, Simichrome polish, Smith accessory torch tips, standard saw frames, swiss style mini-hammers, third hands w/ tweezers, tumbling barrels, two Time-All timers, soldering blocks, soldering pads, steel work bench w/ elec. Dayton motor, stone scoops, tongs – copper, tweezers by  Euro Tool, ultrasonic cleaning solution, Vibra-Dry multi-step, Viking elec. tumbler, wet saw, White Diamond pre-polish, wood clamps for jewelers bench plus lots of hand tools.


Walnut Creek Auction Company, LLC

“Quad Cities Premier Auction House”

Becky Aeschliman, President                  David Aeschliman, Auctioneer

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Auctioneer’s note: All descriptions and items provided by seller and apologize in advance for any miscrepancies in descriptions. We, and the seller, believe we are 99.99% accurate in our descriptions. Also note, please, the above inventory does NOT include all items nor is it a reflection of the number of items we have under each description.