Saturday, November 7, 2015

NOTE SPECIAL START TIME: 9 am (doors open at 7:30 am)

Walnut Creek Auction Center, 334 2nd Avenue West, Milan, IL 61264



This is a great narrow-line auction of artwork, music, music electronics & some coins. We have saved these lines for several years from all kinds of sellers & due to our retirement closeout, it’s time for all of it to change hands.



ARTWORK: This sale features approx. 200 pcs. of framed & unframed artwork covering the art landscape AND the final inventory of renowned Maquoketa, IA artist Patrick Costello (retired to AZ & consigned ALL of his art to Walnut Creek). We have his LAST, FINAL original oil on display in our window which will be sold. All of his other oils brought between $1,000 & $3,000. We also have a handful of signed prints & thousands of his prints (which will be pre-priced to go out the door). Also lots of frames from wood to contemporary metal. The other pcs. are from individuals and now-closed art stores consisting of oils & prints. All art will sell on an absolute basis…without reserve, inc. Costello’s final oil. Some will sell in small bunches. We have country, seascapes, landscapes, contemporaries, vintage photos, religious, scenic photography, tiled, 3D…the list goes on. Come & join us for a wonderful art sale for every home & every décor.

MUSIC:  There are approx. 4,000 albums & 10,000 tunes under roof with every kind of music known to man. We have Elvis to Beatles to Charlie Daniels to Blues Brothers to Allman Brothers to ELO to Bing to Deep Purple to Dylan to Carmen Caravallo to Peggy Lee to Neil Young to Van Halen, to Billy Vaughn, to Fontaine Sisters to Pearl Bailey to Blue Oyster Cult to Ricky Skaggs to Waylon Jennings to you name it. We also have CDs, DVDs, cassettes, VHS, reel-to-reel and 33, 45, 78 LPs. Also covers all fronts of music: waltz, country, brass, military, children’s, classical, opera, drum/bass, acoustic, reggae, pop, religious, traditional, big band, swing, cabaret, bluegrass, jazz, (seem to be missing grunge, but that’s ok).

COLLECTOR CARDS: We have 182 Elvis collector cards in sleeves & 30 Elvis postcards in sleeves.

ELECTRONICS: Music synthesizer keyboard, Emerson video cassette player, Fisher compact digital CS changer, SoundDesign AM/FM alarm clock, Realistic Clarinette 12 record player, vintage round speaker, 3-tall music deck inc. Scott CD player, Sanyo CD player, Toshiba hi-fi stereo VHS player. Another 3-tall music deck inc. SoundDesign stereo receiver dual cassette player, dual hi-speed dubbing deck & control box. EXB speakers, Quasar 4-head VCR player, very nice Fisher stereo speakers, Technique compact 5-disc changer, Digital 1-year/4 program 119 channel quartz stereo/VHS player, Mont. Ward VHS player, car stereo cassette player/4-channel scanner/auto round stereo speaker, Panasonic 8-track AM/FM turntable.

COINS: Packets of 100 1940s and 1950s pennies, many 1930s wheat pennies, Presidential commemorative dollar coins, Sacajewas, Susan B. Anthony dollars, Babe Ruth stamp, 1940 half penny, 1985 JD Credit Union commemorative coin, 7 full sets of 1941-1974 Lincoln penny books, one partial, foreign coins, 1889, 1907 Indian heads, early 1900s Liberty nickels, 1864 Napoleon coin, 1988 Christmas commemorative, 10 $2 bills in consecutive series, Indian head pennies, half penny, Missouri tax tokens, New Boston ¼ cent tax token, Galva tax tokens, IL 1.25 tax token, 1970s Eisenhower silver dollars, 1920s pennies, Euro cents, French 5, 10 & 20 centimes, several sheets of coins.


Walnut Creek Auction Company

“Quad Cities Premier Auction House”

Becky Aeschliman, President                  David Aeschliman, Auctioneer

To receive personal e-mailed sales inventory, e-mail or call 309/558-8087.