Saturday, January 30, 2016     9 am (Doors open at 7:30 am)

Walnut Creek Auction Headquarters    334 2nd Avenue West, Milan, IL 61264


The old Caprock business ends its trip here with the final sale of fossils, fern fossils, dinosaur bones, rocks & large lots of jewelry making equipment, including pound after pound of collectible rhodenite over sterling jewelry, silver, sterling, etc. We also have a great lineup of lots of collectibles here as well as some new-in-the-box merchandise. And 100s of dolls, including collectibles. Come & join us for a very large auction.


ROCKS: Dinosaur fossils, black chalcedony, Mozarkite, seashells, amber stones, hand cut quartz in bags, selenite, geodes, aurora borealis, moonstone in lots of colors, turquoise, polished conakite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, snow quartz, fossils, agglomerate, brachiopods, quartzite, fossils from Collinson Quarry (Milan), schist, philite, marble fern fossils, petrified wood, pink dolomite, Eden Valley petrified wood.

JEWELRY MAKING EQUIPMENT (OLD CAPROCK BUSINESS): (Most jewelry pcs. are rhodenite over original sterling silver). 100s of belt buckles, necklaces, rings, pendants, stick pins, earrings, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks, gold & silver patons, wood beads, ceramic beads, hematite beads, display cases & stands by the dozens, display bags, grinding & polishing compounds, single ring display boxes, old clock parts, jewelry pliers & hammers, NEW lapidary rubber drum, rock cutting blades, stone crafting & jewelry making books, plastic beads & strings, needlecraft books, wax, rubber sanding wheels asstd sizes, ring sizing sets, aluminum sanding wheels, jewelry chain asstd sizes, gold-filled chains & beads, 14k chains, sterling, jewelry flat storage file drawer, working threads/tapes/glues, 8” sanding belt, malachite pins, silver safety pins, buffing pads, cylinder sandpaper (Dremel style), jewelry dip-cleaning jars, craft beader machine, small display cases & bags, tons of beautiful cameo pieces, jewelry chain & wire, wooden storage & show boxes, metal display signs, jewelry scale, spool cork.

DOLLS: 100+ dolls inc. Zolan’s “A Christmas Prayer” porcelain doll, 1980 Olympics Russian mascot bear “Mishka” won in national drawing (collectible!), vintage Barbie (NIB), Disney “Snow White” (NIB), doll rocking chair, baby crib, Tutti doll playcase-complete, Komfy Kids dolls, doll rainmaker set, Fred Flintstone doll.

SPORTS COLLECTIBLES: NFL, NBA, MLB & more…1,000s of cards.

FURNITURE: Multiple drawer jewelry upright case, giant rocking chair, area rugs, end tables, chairs, beautiful floral sofa, large area rugs, needlepoint chair, hutches, dining table & chairs, mirror with pegs/shelf, 1800s refinished high chair, child’s play table  chairs, lightning rod w/ two balls, sheriff’s wood chair on wheels.

OTHER: Beautiful leaded glass pieces, inc. Zolan’s “Children & Pets” collectible plates, leaded candy dish from Durand of France, lots of vintage watches, J. Wayne plate, costume jewelry, NEW women’s furry slippers, Nostalgia popcorn popper (NIB), sun tea jar (NIB), 5-pc. bakeware set (NIB), Tupperware pitcher & glasses sets, Christmas ornaments inc. Barbie, Cubs & Coca Cola, angel collection, Texas Hold ‘Em poker set (NIB), Alaska ulu chopping knife, Fizzini carbonated water maker (NIB), 5-pc. multi-purpose slicer (NIB), “Flowing Heart” LED water fountain (NIB), Brentwood single cup coffee maker (NIB), Skipper paper doll set, Gerry baby nursery monitor (NIB), True Living steak knives (NIB), Spoontiques pewter figurine, original Kool-Aid child’s kit, Campbell’s Soup mug set, tri-fold cutting boards (NIB), turkey carving tools (NIB), food slicer (NIB), hand-held battery games, Pemberton & Oakes collectible plates, 5-glass bowls w/lids set (NIB), 9-pc. spa zen set (NIB), Mr. Coffee press (NIB), Better Press sandwich grill (NIB), glass watering spheres (NIB), 7-pc. mini-tool set (NIB), hands free toothpaste dispenser (NIB), oil lamps & chimneys, international coins (mostly Mexico), room lamps, framed artwork, vintage costume jewelry, fun stone rings, beautiful glassware, binoculars, browstone ceramic pottery, camp cookware, vintage Marlex projector (Phillips 66), electric commercial calculator, art class clay pots, bird feeder, 3-hole punches, sheets & linens, doilies, potholders, serving platters, sleeping cat figurine, wall-mount mailbox, Haeger celery dish, wood & metal picture frame kits, crutches, paper shredder, kitchen rolling cart, old grandmother clock frame & face, kid’s toys.

OUTDOOR: 3.6v cordless screwdriver sets (NIB), wood doors, glass doors, screen doors, doggy steps, 5-gal. metal cans, room heater, 19 round storage drums w/ lids, 55-gal. barrel, barbells, leather apron, sm. tools, electrical extension outlet cord, ski poles, Wayne ¼ hp vortex liquid pump (NIB), caulk guns.


Walnut Creek Auction Company, LLC

“The Business Auctioneers”

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Becky Aeschliman, President                  David Aeschliman, Auctioneer


Upcoming Auctions:

         February 13       Walnut Creek Auction Headquarters    9 am

Our closeout auction with party invitations to all who attend immediately after.