What we Sell

Walnut Creek Auction specializes in whole estate dispersal, but we also accept fine consignments. What that means is we sell all inventory of any business, including right down to the office machines and support equipment in every business in addition to inventory. And we sell whole estates, meaning everything from the shed to the garage to the basement to the attic to the rooms in between; furniture, collectibles, toys, books, appliances, electronics, coins, guns, knives, kitchenware and cookware…if it’s in the house, we’ll try to sell it.

But, what we don’t sell is important to know as well. We’ll cart the following items off to clear up your estate, but most likely, it’s going to the dumpster for a fee to you. Those items include: non-flat televisions, Tupperware, common drinking glasses, pianos and organs, computers that are not flat screen, any items with a garage sale tag on it, common books, partial sets of common dishes, plastic floral items,  most lamps, non-working tools and non-working appliances. The only exception to these is if the items are collectible…we can offer free opinions if you wish. IF we find these items in boxes as we unpack for the sale, you will be charged a disposal fee. If you want to know if we’ll accept any given item, let us know and we’ll answer you after viewing the item(s). Thanks for understanding.