10 am. 500 Green Park Avenue. Colona, IL. Nearly 75 hand-carved wood duck decoys and 45 guns go to auction in this awesome collection. Famed carvers from around the country and even overseas…their work is in this sale. Come and join us.


10 am auction. Open for viewing at 8:00. 500 Green Park Avenue, Colona, IL 61241.

Guns, world-famed hand-carved decoys, renowned outdoor art, outdoor hunting/fishing gear.

Walnut Creek has again been selected to represent a world-class collection; this one consisting of the late Joe Zmuda’s guns, famous outdoor art paintings, and a collection of 75 hand-carved decoys from renowned artists. We’ll add his gun cabinets & miscellaneous outdoor supplies & decoratives. A “must” for outdoors fans. A comprehensive buyer’s list of decoys & guns will be provided at the door so buyers can follow the action.


We have ammo, famed outdoor artwork pieces (signed, lmtd edition such as Redlin, Costello, etc), duck calls, gun locks, 2 duck mounts, gun cabinets, child life vests, ice fishing poles, fishing poles & reels, DU Jim Beam outdoor decanters, DU fillet knife, small porcelain duck collection, mounted bull horns, Winchester bicentennial plaque, Browning compound bow/case, gun hard case, carved snipe collection, carved wood eagle, archery targets, pull sled w/ pop-up fishing frame, pop-up fish houses/blinds, stainless steel pots, ice auger, pick-up toolbox, 2 live duck mounts, turkey fryer & LP tank hook-up.

Featuring world-class carvers & their work. (Very slight alterations may occur, but 99.9% is accurate below.)

This portion will be highlighted by a unique collection consisting of George Keiffer’s limited edition #12/180 signed “Early Spring Blue Wings” framed artwork w/ museum mounting. This 1984 Illinois Migratory Bird Stamp of the Year artwork will be sold with actual male/female Blue Wing Teal hard-carved decoys.


We have mallards, Canadian geese, pintails, buffleheads, redheads, canvasbacks, mergansers, greenwing teals, ringneck pheasants, blacks, widgeons, wood ducks, bluebills, cinnamon teals, woodcock, goldeneyes and gadwalls. We have old and we have new decoys.

This work is from famed carvers & suppliers such as Capriola, Groese, Canfield, Dennis & Sons, Sweet, Hansen, Herter’s, Mason, Taber, Moore, Everett, Reineri, Reinseger, A.D. Coy, Cranwell, Jobes, L.L. Bean, Vincinitti, Schapp, Zmuda, Mike & Nancy Scherer, Pratt, and Ducks Unlimited.

We have decoys from Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Canada, Texas, New England, Chesapeake Bay, China and more.

We have pairs, drakes and hens.

We have primarily solid woods, but also repaints, hollow bottoms & cork. We have real size, oversize & miniatures.


2 BB long guns, 2 BB hand guns, Belgium T Parker double barrel 12 ga., Beretta AL391 Ducks Unlimited 10/30 12 ga., Montgomery Ward Model 30 pump 12 ga., Browning semi-auto 16-ga., Browning Ranger pump 20 ga., Eig Eibar 12mm black powder pistol, Eig Eibar 9mm black powder musket, Fox Model B side x side 12 ga., Hiller Model 110 pigeon gun single shot 10 ga., Ithaca Model 37R 12 ga. pump, Johnson Arms single shot 12 ga., JT Brand side x side 12 ga., LC Smith long range side x side 12 ga., LC Smith side x side (hammers) 12 ga., Remington semi-auto Model 11 12 ga., Remington Model 11-48 deer semi-auto 12 ga., Remington Model 24 .22, Savage Model 720 semi-auto 12 ga., Sears (T. Williams) Model 21 pump 410, two Winchester Model 1897 pump 12 ga., two Winchester Model 12 pump 12 ga., Winchester Model 37 single shot .410, Arisaka Japanese 99 model WWII rifle w/ bayonet, side x side w/ hammers .410, Winchester Model 37 single shot 410, Winchester 1897 16 ga., Stevens single shot 410, Winchester Model 190 .22, Springfield Armory Model 1903 bolt action, Winchester Model 94 lever action 30-30, Chiappa M9 pistol w/ clips.

AUCTIONEER NOTE: Illinois law requires ALL Illinois residents to have a FOID card that is not expired. Expired cards will NOT be accepted. It also requires ALL guns will be transferred via paperwork via a Federal Firearms Licensee in Illinois, which is Hilltop Guns, 111 Walnut Lane, Colona, IL 61241. Out-of-state buyers will determine which F.F.L. in their state they would like their guns shipped to. No gun will be sold to any individual under 18 years of age or those not having a driver’s license I.D. You are required to abide by Illinois state law waiting periods for your background check. Walnut Creek is proud to support gun laws as written to prevent further government intrusion into the 2nd Amendment. We hope you are, too.


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