We work exclusively by written contract with all details, terms and conditions in writing. You get an original.
We sell no item without knowing its value first. We outresearch any other firm…promise.
We offer sellers comprehensive pick-up, moving and cleaning services if needed. We do the labor.
We take a comprehensive inventory of every item and provide you a computerized list.
We set up order of sale, cleaning and pre-sale display.
We give you a receipt for every lot we sell showing you a description, the price it brought and who bought it. We settle all sales within 21 days of the auction event and you have converted your merchandise into cash. That simple…
But…that’s not all.
We conduct all the advertising and promotion, we hire all the help for sale day and we conduct the auction.
We deposit your funds into a non-interest bearing escrow account to eliminate any interest income.
And…best of all, you owe us nothing in advance. All proceeds to us come from the sale itself and we never pay ourselves until you are paid with accompanying paperwork showing the sale results. All these services are to satisfy you, the customer. You, and our relationship with buyers, are the keys to our success.