We work with groups to raise funds at live auctions. We have raised more than $3 million in the past 10 years for the select groups with which we work. We strongly prefer to become part of fund-raising committees so we can assist in organization, obtaining contributions, developing options to augment the live auction, and filling seats via appropriate target marketing. Good fundraising is 99% hard work behind the scenes for the 1% “live” entertainment, but we want the crowd to NOT see the 99% and to vividly remember the 1% show.  When we’re involved from the word ‘go’, we want to make sure it works and works well. Contact us today at 309/558-8200 to see if we can help you with your fundraising efforts, from agriculture to black tie.


We specialize in business liquidations and we work the auction business as a business. These events can be emotional for the seller and while we’re considerate of that, we also recognize liquidating a business is about maximizing the final sale of a major career investment. We work hard to conduct comprehensive inventories, put in hours of real-market value so we know what to expect, and we outwork our competition to put buyers in the seats that are excited to be in front of our inventory. Give us a call at 309/558-8200 to see if we’re the right fit for your final business liquidation enrichment, where we convert your assets into cash.