*“Since assuming the role of our auctioneer at the Iowa bi-annual Farm Progress Show, you’ve brought in more people each year for the $300,000 tire auction donated by Titan Tire. We couldn’t be more pleased with you and your crew’s effort.” –Iowa FFA Foundation

*“Thank you for helping dispose of our stolen and lost bicycle inventory. You draw a huge crowd and we sure appreciate it because it shows in the bottom line we’ve been accustomed to…it’s gone straight up.” –Rock Island Police Department

*“Wanted to let you know we loved every minute of your auction expertise. What a great night you made it.” –Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Eastern Iowa

*“We love how you manage our black tie fundraising event. Our attendance in year two was much higher than year one because so many people heard about how much fun you made the auction. Thank you, thank you.”—Iowa FFA Foundation

*“Our group loves what Dave does for a fundraising auction. Funny, fast and very good at what he does.” –Mississippi Valley Outdoor Sportsmen

*“I’d like to present Walnut Creek Auction with the Volunteer of the Year award this year as David and his crew have raised in excess of a half-million dollars for us over the past few years.”—Arrowhead Ranch, Coal Valley

*“Thank you for handling the dispersal of our parents’ entire estate. Living in Ohio and finding just the right auctioneer seemed daunting, especially since we were only in town for three days to make that decision…until we met you. You comforted us with insights and caretaking no one else covered…and that made our selection unanimous.
But, that’s not what we’re writing about. We can’t believe the care you took of our estate items. You packed them, moved them, cleaned them and set them up beautifully. You managed all the ads. And best of all, the crowd was huge and the money was exceptional. We were extremely impressed with your knowledge of the more historic pieces; even we learned things about those items.
David, thank you, thank you, thank you. We probably can’t do you much good living in Ohio, but if we ever have friends in Illinois or Iowa that need an auctioneer who took better care of us than we ever dreamed, we’ll recommend you.” Thanks again. –Ohio executor

*“Dear David, thank you for taking care of our late parents’ estate. You helped us appraise each item we kids took out, helping us sort out what we owed each other. And you gave us an approximation of what to expect at auction. You were the only auctioneer who developed a written contract and walked us through it. And then, once signed, you just managed everything. When we came back to the auction, we were stunned to find big circus tents in the yard filled with what seemed to be thousands of items. And the sale brought in more than we dreamed. Then, you had a check to us in four days. Again, we were stunned. Needless to say, your services impressed us…especially when you called and said, ‘let me get a plumber in there…there’s a pipe leak.’ and later when you washed the windows and deep-cleaned the house in preparation for that auction…unreal. Your services exceed our high expectations. If we may ever return the favor, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll do whatever we can.” –Minneapolis offspring of executor estate in Rock Island

*“Dear David, please find attached an additional check for $10,000 above and beyond your commission. I was amazed by how much money you got us at our 4-day auction. And I don’t believe your contract amply reimburses you, so please accept this bonus…and I’d like to pay your help more with your permission. They worked so hard all week, when the auction was over, my inventory was gone and my house was clean. Unbelievable service acknowledging I made a great decision to hire someone who actually cares about what they do, and cares about my merchandise. The sale brought in about 140% of what you told me. I credit you and you alone with that.” –Sherrard, IL seller (the $10,000 check was returned)

*“Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to us…making a stressful day SO much better. I could go on and on, but you have to know we were so very pleased with the outcome.” Consignment couple

*“Please accept this gift card to your restaurant of choice. We were so pleased with your efforts during our auction, we just felt we wanted to send you a small token of our appreciation. Thank you so much for doing such a great job.” Kansas farm retirement couple