Every industry offers a range of quality. High-end results for you are our pride and joy.

We never sell an item randomly…without knowing what it is or what it’s worth.

We have a large following of great buyers…no matter the industry, we have a ready-made market.

We’ve been honored to sell many business inventories from dogs to dozers. And we’ve sold the largest vaseline glass collection in the world, a 350+ piece collection of Griswold, an enormous “autumn leaf” collection, entire antique stores and a 30,000+ piece lapidary business. We take our job of putting big money in front of your merchandise very, very seriously.

We’ve also conducted nearly 100 fundraisers where we mix a very warped sense of humor with the auction process, and have been highly complimented by those who retain our fundraising services as “our crowd told us you made the event…they’ve never laughed so hard or had so much fun.”

Licensed Employees
Every key employee is required to continue high-intensity education in order to stay abreast of trends, laws and responsibilities.

Consumer Laws
We engage protective consumer laws for our clients. Your money is deposited in a non-interest bearing escrow account (non-mingled with other funds) and is paid out within 21 days of the auction. And we work by customized, written, signed agreements so there are no surprises.

We conduct extensive research with business owners so we know exactly what we’re selling, its function and its value. In fact, we spend far more hours doing homework than selling. It’s a point of pride.

Obviously, the more buyers at an auction, the better. And knowing the right ones is what we know. We have one of the highest percentages of buyers-to-attendees ratios in the industry with more than 90% of registered bidders actually purchasing at our sales. That’s the result of 40 years of extensive marketing experience at work. And we have a long list of attendees and what they buy that we contact whenever we have their favorite items.

Our staff is professional and friendly, yet extremely business-like. There is no room for arrogance or mistreatment of a client. You be the judge when you consign or buy from us.

Geography Means More Reach Means More Customers Means More Money For You
Walnut Creek has an extensive reach from Peoria, IL to the Quad Cities to Rockford to Chicago to Des Moines, a geographic area of nearly 300 miles across. And we’ve sold for parties in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Maine, Kansas…so we’ve been around. We know the buyers, sellers and properties in that area. That geography means more reach, more buyers for your property and more money for it as well.

International Audience Capability
We often place our auctions on live, remote broadcasts so buyers from around the world can tune it to the live event and bid. This makes your potential market a global one.